Greenlid Envirosciences first gained nationwide recognition based on its development of the first compostable and

disposable compost bin, known as Greenlid.


Brothers, Morgan and Jackson Wyatt from Brockville, Ontario, Canada worked to 

create an innovative composting method allowing compostable waste to be firmly sealed and fully disposed in a bin made with 100% recyclable materials. 


The design and technology of Greenlid later became the foundation for developing 

biodegradable lethal ovitraps (BLO) used to 

control and manage mosquitoborne diseases such as Zika, Dengue fever or Malaria in many tropical countries. Biodegradable Mosquito Traps manufactured by Greenlid Envirosciences are currently being used to combat Dengue Fever outbreaks in Australia.


Greenlid Envirosciences hopes to establish partnerships with government and social agencies to assist in combating the spread of mosquito borne illness.


By increasing response speed to outbreaks and reducing the cost to manage mosquito populations Greenlid Envirosciences strive to increase the funding for vaccine research and pursuit of an absolute cure.