Biotraps attract mosquitoes who carry mosquito-borne illness and kill them and their eggs 

Biotraps - Biodegradable Mosquito Killers
To make controlling mosquito populations more cost effective, better for the environment and easy to deploy.
BioTraps are a just add water mosquito trap (kills the eggs and the female mosquito) and last for 4 weeks. The containers are completely biodegradable and compostable while containing both attractant and low toxicity pesticide to kill mosquitoes and their eggs. This technology is significantly more cost effective, environmentally-friendly and healthier for local residents than existing plastic mosquito traps or by mass spraying so that more money can be allocated towards vaccine research and cures for mosquito borne illness. By targeting the female mosquito we prevent the next generation of mosquitoes from spreading disease.
Continuously updated newsfeed for mosquito borne illnesses and vaccine research
Targeting the behaviour of female mosquitoes.

Only the female mosquitos bite and transmit diseases from one host to another. After taking a blood meal needed to develop her eggs , female mosquitoes  produce on average 100 to 200 eggs per batch, and a single female can produce up to five batches of eggs during a lifetime. It is important to kill the female mosquito so she does not lay eggs or transmit disease between humans. Female mosquitos do not travel far (<400m) on average in their lifespan. By eliminating female mosquitoes in a region, you can reduce mosquito populations in a region over time.